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Ready to take that quilt top from the crafting table to the couch?  Let us at Aspen Grove Quilting help you bring that cozy, comfy quilt to life.  Get ready to snuggle up with your new accessory.

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Can't make it to the shop? No problem.  We have three convenient drop off locations for your quilt tops!  

Please confirm all drop offs with Sam @ 204-208-0018

Needle Crafts + Studio

524 Park Ave, Beausejour     204-268-5025

Keystone Modern Creative

7-851 Lagimodiere Blvd, Winnipeg     204-667-5833

Oma's Quilt Shop

Rd 29 N, Grunthal     204-434-6747

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Quilt Prep!
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Before mailing or dropping off your quilt top,  here are some tips for the best results: 

- Press quilt top well.

-Clip all loose threads.

-Square up quilt top to make as straight as possible - perfectly square is not a requirement.

- Mark the top of the quilt with masking or painter's tape.
-Edges coming apart? You have the option to sew around your quit top to prevent flipped up edges during quilting.  Use a 1/8" seam allowance.  Not required.

Providing your own backing or batting?   

-Please make sure there is a minimum of 8" extra length in both width and length of both backing and batting. 

          We carry multiple options for both backing and batting. 

                                         Check out our shop!

-If piecing your backing, run a generous 1/2" seam allowance. 

-Use only high quality options.

          Ie. bed sheets are no acceptable backing material.  Aspen Grove Quilting can       

          provide options of high quality products for your quilt top. 

                                         Shop here.

-If backing is also directions, please mark the top with masking or painter's tape.

-Press backing material.

Ready to Ship or Drop off?   

-Fold quilt top on the bias to reduce wrinkles

-Protect it in a plastic bag

-Pack it small

          Make sure to include your name with your quilt top

-Get insurance and tracking, if shipping

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