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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't know what batting or backing, or thread, or design to pick. Its so overwhelming. HELP!
    I know that exact feeling. That is why Aspen Grove Quilting offers to select these for you, send them your way through text or email, and then move forward with your confirmation. Pick for me is definitely our most popular option.
  • I'm ready to get my quilt completed, but what is the next step?
    Yay! You will be so happy with your decision, and even happier as you wrap yourself in your newly finished, cozy quilt. Here on over to BOOK YOUR QUILT tab and get started with our online form.
  • Can we visit your shop?
    Yes! We love sharing our available products and showing off quilting options. To visit the shop, please contact for an appointment. Call or text (204)208-0018 or email
  • Is my quilt good enough for long arm quilting?
    YES! All quilts are beautiful and unique, and no quilt is perfect. You invested your time into creating something special and we would suggest completing your project with computerized long arm quilting. The perfect touch to turn your pieced together project into a oh so cozy blanket you (or your loved one) will cuddle with.
  • What is computerized quilting?
    Computerized quilting is technology advancements that have allowed for quilters to design, create and even customize their quilting pattern to near perfection. From a perfect circle to the straightest of lines and everything in-between; computerized quilting provides the opportunity to complete your quilt with a more complicated design, without the worry or hassle of "is this going to work?". Our computer does that for you! Make sure you check out our available Edge to Edge patterns.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards, debit, cash or e-transfer.
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